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1.Monthly RIP Day

All these ages we’ve been having two days off at work and five days regular work. To be true to the Principle of Equality,I would suggest at-least 3 off days instead of two.Now if that’s going to kill the economy,make it 3 days off per week at least once in every month!!So that’s 12 extra Off days per year. Isn’t that awesome??

Now ,I would name this day monthly Rip day,to die away from job routines and to rest in peace for three days at a stretch.

2. Change your career Day

This would be an excellent idea to gain expertise in various careers. The whole idea is to trade jobs for a particular day without actually messing up either of them.

3.National Charity Day

I’m serious about this one.It would be of immense help if we all could set aside one days salary for the poor and needy in our society.Corporate Companies could raise large amounts this way by asking their employees to observe a charity day.I would be greatly satisfied if my earnings can a make a difference in that person’s life when he needs it.


The last time I felt really, truly lonely was my first day at my first ever job. My First day, the office secretary introduced me to some guys(engineers,draughtsman.etc),divisional managers and so on. Well, the handshake went well and he led me to my department.ie.Electrical. There was a glass partioned cabin specifically for each department. I was quite excited then, the cabin was well furnished, soft humming of split ac’s, Laptop’s on every table except mine, wireless router and bla bla. He showed me my seat asked me to wait. The first three hour or so went running pages of some documents on the table. (It was damn boring!!)

One kind soul in the CAD department then rang my extension and warned that my wait could get longer. He also invited me to his table to have a little chat. I politely refused, not that I really wanted to, but out of formality. I soon realized my mistake. Thank God, he rang me up again after one hour, but this time I didn’t wait for his invite. We had a little chit chat about college,family and so on which ended soon by noon.

Now I’m back to my cabin. From there on there’s practically no change to the story. Finally my Boss arrived at the ultimate hour of work and there goes my first day. Fortunately though things have changed a lot from then. It’s been almost 1 month now, I’m almost settled, I have work to do and I just love it. I love blogging on wordpress too as much as I love working.

Note: This post was blogged just for the sake of blogging, nothing more, nothing less.