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1. You’ve been told your whole life you’re sensitive. When you were a child people always pointed out what a sensitive kid you were, friends would probably describe you as someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. You just have SO MANY EMOTIONS. All the time. And you always have.

2. You have an incredible intuition that’s rarely wrong. You trust your gut instinct and have learned to hone in on the way your body communicates to you when something doesn’t feel right or when something’s about to happen.

3. You can’t function without alone time.  You need time to be by yourself to recharge, to get away from social stimulation, and just be alone with yourself. If you go too long without having a break from sensory input you feel worn out and exhausted.

4. You get overwhelmed easily. Large crowds, bright lights…

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After A Long Time……

Its been almost a year since I’ve touched my blog. Infact I had never started.It was those starting days at work that I usually blogged. Work became hectic and I really didn’t care much about my blog until now.  

One Pound Fish

A Pakistani fish seller, Muhammad Shahid Nazir’s one pound fish song is the latest viral hit in Youtube. The song has already more than 3.6 million views on YouTube and landed him a record music deal with Warner Music.

I compliment his marketing technique, but does the song really make you wanna hear it again.I have been reading reviews comparing him to gangnam fame,Psy. Hard to digest,isn’t it?? I would welcome Warner music to india,I’m sure they could help many make a living…Please express ur views on this song guys..


For those who all wondering what the title means, let me first tell that this is the “word of the year” chosen by Oxford Dictionary considering the the current situation in Britain. Oxford University Press on Tuesday crowned the word – defined as “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations” – its top term of 2012.

I find it amazing the word fits perfectly to situation in my country. Take example of UPA govt. in India.The govt has been battling issues of corruption since almost 1 year.The fight against corruption started with anna hazare in the lead has taken a whole new dimension with Kejriwal’s political outfit.And to make things worse,Congress always keeps mum.Is the party in omnishambles?

Totally mismanaged,everything and anything that party does is subject of severe scrutiny and criticism.Talking about blunders and miscalculations,there’s no better example than Mr.Rahul Gandhi who comes once in a blue moon with strange facts and controversies.

 “We were also in the Opposition. Then the Kargil war happened. We were all together. Congress stands together in the interest of the country whether we are in government or not. “- Rahul Gandhi

The congress has perfected the art of drawing criticism upon itself.Wrong speech made at the wrong time. We’ve had many shambles this year,the last being “Sandy” and “Neelam”.  However I feel “Omnishambles” could be often used in political terms.I am not anti congress and these are just my thoughts.Long live “Omnishambles”.



A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. ~Walt Whitman


Advgrrl Motorcycle Adventures & More

Thanks to Jackie for these amazing photos!  Unfortunately I do not have a source so if anyone knows where these are all from please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! Thanks!

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Do you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears?

Not everyone who wanders is lost. Not everyone who is alone is lonely.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Geometry From Office

What is Geometry to an Engineer without his Scale!!

The last time I felt really, truly lonely was my first day at my first ever job. My First day, the office secretary introduced me to some guys(engineers,draughtsman.etc),divisional managers and so on. Well, the handshake went well and he led me to my There was a glass partioned cabin specifically for each department. I was quite excited then, the cabin was well furnished, soft humming of split ac’s, Laptop’s on every table except mine, wireless router and bla bla. He showed me my seat asked me to wait. The first three hour or so went running pages of some documents on the table. (It was damn boring!!)

One kind soul in the CAD department then rang my extension and warned that my wait could get longer. He also invited me to his table to have a little chat. I politely refused, not that I really wanted to, but out of formality. I soon realized my mistake. Thank God, he rang me up again after one hour, but this time I didn’t wait for his invite. We had a little chit chat about college,family and so on which ended soon by noon.

Now I’m back to my cabin. From there on there’s practically no change to the story. Finally my Boss arrived at the ultimate hour of work and there goes my first day. Fortunately though things have changed a lot from then. It’s been almost 1 month now, I’m almost settled, I have work to do and I just love it. I love blogging on wordpress too as much as I love working.

Note: This post was blogged just for the sake of blogging, nothing more, nothing less.