I am an engineer by day and aspiring writer cum photographer cum gamer by night.I’m a mild introvert,not too outgoing to strangers but with friends I’m at my very best.Thanks to my job,I get to meet many people these days for official matters.

Talking about work,I’m quite Inexperienced.Just been 2 Months since I started working after graduation.

Photography is my newborn passion and I would like to share it with others..I’m not the usual pro photographer with DSLR (Hope to buy one soon!!). In fact I’ve near to zero knowledge in photography.I am engineer and would like to be called so.Photography is my passion and I would like to share it with others.

I like to talk & debate about anything & Everything under the sky.Words eventually find their way to reason,even through the thickest of skulls,So speak up and let the World know.

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