Do you associate your workplace with an epidemic? The word ‘epidemic’ might bring to your mind diseases such as Flu or HIV which I’m certainly not talking about. Think Of yawning for instance. There’s nothing more infectiously contagious as yawning at your workplace.esp if you are seated comfortably in a cozy office chair in an air conditioned room. Yawning is surprisingly powerful. Just by reading the four yawns used till this point you probably will yawn in the next few minutes, if not already.

In case you are reading this at your office, and that you’ve just yawned, chances are that all nearby are going to yawn, and probably a good proportion of those sitting next to those just yawned, are  also going to yawn and it goes on and on. Now, that’s what I call an epidemic.

Even now while I’m writing I’ve already yawned so many times that I’ve lost the count.

Now did you just yawn while reading this? Please drop by and share your wonderful experiences with yawning.