This is written over my fury over the wild allegations by the IAC and specifically the damage that it creates to India Inc in the international scene. Mr.Kejriwal & the IAC have come out with stunning exposes over the last two months starting from that of Sonia Gandhi’s son in law, Robert Vadra to BJP president, Nitin Gadkari. Between they also made a pathetic attempt to expose Salman Khurshid, Foreign Affairs Minister for alleged misuse of funds, which in my opinion was hardly based on any evidence provided by the IAC.

The whole issue of Salman Khurshid was bought out by the India Today news team and I don’t understand what role the IAC played other than attacking Mr. Khurshid personally. It seems that IAC is using issues that were in the public domain for a while for its political standoff against the BJP and Congress. IAC, which started off as a noble idea against corruption in the political system is now a political party. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make such sweeping allegations against the ruling party and the main opposition.IAC is critical of the political system in India, the judiciary and the people who voted Congress into power.