The word “foreign” does not really sound distant to me.Living and working in the middle east cash reserve of Oman I’m pretty far from home-Gods Own Country.For people who don’t know what “Gods own Country” means juzt Google it out.I’m sure you will get thousands of responses.This Eid holiday I visited the largest dam in the middle east region,Wadi dayqah dam in Quriyat. The dam is a result of the vision and foresightedness of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and the government.

The locals and expats in Middle East region would clearly understand why a Dam is “Foreign” in this part of the world.The temperature exceed 35 degrees celcius on an average,large water bodies are hard to find.Besides nearly 100% power is generated from thermal sources.Still,this dam stands dominant not only for its sheer size(rising 74 m from its lowet level) but also aesthetics.

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